I met Leah at a gym in Phuket, Thailand.  I was overweight, unfit and lacked confidence, I had a ‘I can’t do this,’ attitude when it came to fitness.  I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed with her that within minutes of my first session, Leah had me doing aerial/anti-gravity yoga and hanging upside down! It was the most amazing first day at the gym.  I instantly believed in myself that I can achieve anything I want to & 6 weeks later, I did!  Leah’s friendly approach rather than an army like attitude were perfect for me.  She took into account my physical injuries to help me get stronger. Aerial yoga aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the circuit classes, which were planned well, were fun & challenged me at the right level. It was a pleasure to meet Leah & I appreciated her continued support even after I left the gym. Thanks Leah!                                                           ~Rita, London, Scientist

With only three months to get fit for my wedding, I began personal training sessions with Leah. It was my first time doing any type of body conditioning and my first time working with a trainer.  During this short period, Leah designed a very thorough game plan specific to the results that I was looking for. Knowing that it I was new to any kind of gym workout, Leah was great at teaching me how to use the equipment and she set up exercises that I would be able to do on my own.  She’s super encouraging and makes her clients feel very comfortable.  My results were amazing. Not only did I feel (and look) great on my wedding day, I actually dropped my BMI by 9%! Thanks Leah!                                                                                           ~Stephanie D, Television Producer

Leah is my trainer extraordinaire.  She created a program that helped me build strength and confidence after a serious knee injury. The sheer breadth of her experience across multiple fitness categories makes her uniquely qualified to tailor training programs for her clients. Leah pulls together creative workouts that include weights, circuit training, cardio, and Thai massage, depending on what my body needs. On a personal level, she is warm, engaging, and always keeps me smiling.  Leah’s flexibility regarding my very busy work schedule allows me to stay on top of my goals.  She is a consummate professional.
~Carrie L, Creative Director

Leah is not only my trainer, but has become a friend as well.  She is so very motivated and passionate in what she does it inspires me to reach further into the things that I take interest in.  I have always been in-shape and athletic, but I never realized my body’s potential! With the help and advice of Leah, I stuck to a schedule combining running and circuit training and my body has never felt or looked better!  The changes that I saw in my endurance after the first two weeks of the regimen started a domino effect that motivated me to eat cleaner and keep my visits to the gym a priority.  She is some of the best money I’ve ever spent! You will not regret making your fitness and health goals a priority with Leah!
~Maggie H, Professional Nanny

I’ve been training with Leah for almost a year, and am so happy and thankful that our paths crossed!  Leah’s approach, experience and expertise in fitness and wellness truly unique.  It’s clear that she draws on her varied knowledge base to construct a balanced session that is right for YOU.  Whether working through a physical injury, or mentally trying to shake off a rough week, working with Leah will do the trick!
~Reina S. NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs

Personal training with Leah has improved my posture and strength. My body feels more balanced, aligned and toned. Prior to partnering with her, I was intimidated by strength training and just stuck to cardio where I was comfortable. I’ve noticed great results from incorporating resistance training into my weekly routine including better stamina for running and an improved yoga practice. It has been wonderful working with her and we always have a lot a fun.
~ Abby J, technical analyst

I started working out with Leah shortly after she became a trainer with Equinox.  She is fun and professional and her workouts are always challenging for me, in the best possible way.   The most impressive thing about Leah, however, is that she is forever expanding her personal knowledge about fitness, exercise and wellness.  She moved up through the Equinox trainer tiers quickly, while working on her own towards multi-level certifications in Thai massage.  She is a dedicated professional.  She takes her job very seriously but is lots of fun, too.
~Ellen G. Marketing Manager, NYC

I am truly appreciative to have met Leah. Her good energy just permeates the room, and pushes you to push yourself harder.  Her knowledge of the human anatomy and approach to yoga make her a truly wonderful teacher. I am stronger, leaner and more focused thanks to Leah.
~Aditi M. Research Analyst

I’ve had Leah as a yoga instructor for a while and she is a great pleasure.  Leah infuses the integrity of yoga with practicality & approachability, allowing the practice to be more accessible. Her energy is always uplifting, encouraging & quite infectious! You are guaranteed to smile if not laugh aloud during her class, which makes the experience so enjoyable. Yoga isn’t about being serious, it’s about being sincere, & Leah understands this.
~Zahir B. Cardiologist

Leah’s morning yoga class is the perfect way to start your day.  I love how she expertly blends stretching, strengthening, breathing, releasing and relaxing. I always feel like I’m getting a great workout at my own body’s own pace.
~Courtney F. Stylist

Leah is one of my favorite Yoga instructors…  She is an experienced and well knowledged instructor, who I look forward to every Thursday morning…  I am thankful for all she does to my body and soul!
~Ann B. Business Analyst

Leah is an awesome trainer. I have been working with her for about six months and am making great progress. Leah’s background in dance, yoga and training provide a unique skill-set. She knows how to kick your butt yet somehow manages to make it fun!
~Andrew S. Lawyer